Barbecue (1985)

Barbecue (1985)Barbecue is one of the figures that I distinctly remember buying as a kid. It was during one of many family trips to Sears, and most every time we went into the store, and weren’t in a rush, I took a look at the toy aisle. Funny thing, I still do the same when I go any modern department store that has a toy aisle. Of course it’s rarely Sears these days (real surprise there–they don’t even sell toys. Sheesh.) I’m usually even on my way there before my kids even ask. I’m sure my wife loves such behavior.

The particular 1985 Sears trek during which I picked up the Joe team’s firefighter was the same one in which I also obtained Shipwreck and Airtight. All three became instant hits with me. I think their popularity with me came equally from their accessories as their specialties and designs. Barbecue had a cool look, and although he lacked a removable helmet, he still developed a personality in my Joeverse. The figure’s helmet was also a bit of a source of frustration in that it didn’t completely match the card art. The figure’s helmet is more bulbous than the flatter, bucket like version on the card art. Regardless, the figure got a lot of use.

Again, the accessories really made the toy for me. With his amazing fire axe and nozzle gun, he stood out from the other Joes and their more pedestrian accoutrements. Here was a guy, like Airtight, who was all about specialization. As a bonus, the nozzle gun even attached to his thigh. Brilliant.

Barbecue (1985)


  • Wow, my brother had the Slaughter’s Marauders version growing up so I’m familiar with the mold and I never knew that there was a place to clip his sprayer to on his leg. That’s impressive. Thanks for pointing it out.

  • ’84-85 were the halcyon days of my Joe collecting, so have a particular affinity for the figures of that stretch. I also just happen to think those were the two best years overall. Barbecue was a fav because my brother was a firefighter.

  • Barbecue became my favorite when I started getting into Joe in 2005, and his original figure was one I knew I wanted to get my hands on.

  • At a collectables fair a couple of years ago, i noticed Barbique in a large ice cream tub of Joes, mistakingly, i picked up another sci fi instead. I did manage to obtain the marauders repaint and i’m happy with that [intact thumbs].

    What i find interesting about Barbique is that he is an army fireman. Its a wonder he got made as that branch of the army would be pretty low on any compny’s action figure list.

    Also, i made a modern Barbique simply by repainting an R.O.C snow viper black and yellow.

  • Iconic G.I.JOE! Original and awesome action figure!

  • I never noticed that about the clip on gun either. Despite his status as being a support role only, that axe and mysterious mask give him a menacing air.

  • That spray nozzle is tough to come by, and hard to cough up the dough when you see ’em. Barbecue isn’t a bad figure, but his character is probably even bigger. Slightly obnoxious, but good to have around.

  • All valid points, but the lack of a removable helmet always made Barbecue the weakest entry of 1985 for me.

    Over the years, I’ve begun to warm up (pun intended) to the character but have yet to see a perfect figure of him.

  • My Sister brought me Barbecue, Airtight, Snow Serpent and Eels for some odd reason. She didn’t really like me. Anyhow, she said she liked figures ‘like Snake Eyes with masks’, it was the air of mystery about them. I agree. They were firm faves of mine and still are. I now have modern sculpts of them all but the affection is still the same. Interestingly, the 25th version of Barbecue didn’t have the thigh clip for his foam gun….which annoyed me. I used to wonder what the figure would have been like with a US style Fireman’s helmet atop that mask, with a visor that could move up and down…also, it could be removable, his face would have black hair with a bit of a Superman style quiff and definitely a smirk….Perhaps an update with a different costume would suit such a look?

    In the UK, his filecard stated he was Italian, born in Naples I think….thats also how I still think of him….Another thing was the UK Comic paired him up with Airtight, the ‘West German’ (again a ret-conned filecard) and again, I see the pair of them as a great duo who’d work on missions involving hazardous materials, fires and NBC Attack threats…

  • I forgot to add, a douche called Leon Warner STOLE my vintage Barbecue and EELs figures….I did replace them, but HE stole them and then years later, sold his entire collection to another kid, it was then I recognised my figures, did I get them back? Hell no….but I did manage to replace my ARAH versions later on….but they too along with many other items are now in Denmark in the hands of some totally anal collector….well, at least they’re in a good home and practically all in the same collection….

  • Barbecue was, along with Shipwreck, part of my very first G.I. Joe purchase. I liked Shipwreck’s portrayal in the cartoon, though I’m not sure what drew me to Barbecue specifically. I like his design, for sure, but I’m not 100% sure why him over everyone else.

    Also, I bought him for way too much money at a gift shop Spencer’s type place, when there was a department store with an excellent toy department in the same mall.

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