A Triple Helping of Turkey

It’s Thanksgiving Day here in the US, and for many folks, that means stuffing your face full of food. Of course, it also means giving thanks. I’d like to thank all the readers, contributors (KansasBrawler take a bow) and commenters here. You all contribute so much to this little community, and I really appreciate it. Also, big thanks to those who supported Mrs. Joe A Day’s secret project. I’ve already got some upgrades in the works thanks to you all. In fact, yesterday’s video was edited on the new Macbook. Thanks all!

So here at Joe A Day, we’re gonna be a little gluttonous with our turkey dinner as well, as we serve up three helpings of classic GI Joe gobblers from the JAD archives. Enjoy, and stay away from the can-shaped cranberry sauce…

Cobra Rat (1992)

Stars & Stripes Breaker (1997)

Tyrannosaurus Rex Dinosaur (1993)


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