A Letter From Joe A Day

Well folks, I’ve got to break it to you. I’m going to step away from Joe A Day. This year has been a challenge for me in the Real World, and the old blog posts have waned as you’ve no doubt noticed. I thought going back to a chronological posting plan starting at 1982 would light a fire under my keyboard, and it did for a while. However as I’ve taken short breaks over the last month I’ve found myself moving in other creative directions that don’t involve a daily blog.

It’s been a great experience, and I never would have thought I would stick with this thing for almost eight years. The site itself isn’t going down anytime soon, but I won’t be posting any longer in the foreseeable future.

I’d like to say thanks first to all those who have contributed posts over the years, particularly the regulars KansasBrawler and Past Nastification. You guys all supplied great material and a welcome change from my usual ramblings. The biggest thanks though goes out to the JAD family, Mrs. JAD and the kids. Your support and patience were invaluable to this project. Last but certainly not least, the readers and commenters deserve a huge thanks. I’ll always be amazed at the fun little community that sprung up here.

I’m certainly not going away altogether, as I’ll still have a presence on social media. The JAD HQ is decommissioned for the time being, but I’m not throwing away the keys. Who knows what the future holds.

Until we meet again,

Yo Joe!



  • Flagpoints Dave

    Congrats on an amazing run Rob! You’ve accomplished a monumental achievement bringing much-needed attention to the best toy line ever! What will you do with all your time now? Wander the… toy department? Yo Joe! 🇺🇸💥

  • Thanks Rob! See ya when you get back.

  • Well done, good sir! Thanks for all of your hard work!

  • Rob,

    Thank you so much for all that you’ve done to foster discussion within our community. I’m disheartened to hear that this is goodbye, but I’m excited for whatever is on the horizon for you.

    Take care and thanks for an amazing ride!

  • Thanks for all you have done Rob! You have been a part of my daily routine for years. I will miss hearing from a friend every day but I’m eternally grateful for the memories we have shared!

  • ”In the words of the Supreme Cobra Leader,Serpentor..”This I Command!”…”And from General Hawk..”YO JOE!!!”

  • SpiritoftheBeachhead

    Echo the other faithful soldiers – this was an everyday view for me and essential in catching me up, inspiring me, and widening my mind as I got into collecting as an adult.

    I especially loved the comics bits (as I grew up only on Sunbow and not Marvel) and the oddities, side lines of toys and knock offs. Really great job on the site and fostering a community.

    May the very good Lord bless you and keep you

  • In one way, I’m a tad relieved as I was beginning to get worried. However, this has been a fantastic run and I am still going to wear the shirt with pride.

    Not just in relation to the blog, but personally as well, I ask that you keep in contact. If nothing else I hope you and the family will be at the next Assembly Required. Until the next, take care.

  • Take care. Thanks for all your hard work.

  • Blogging is so much work. Eight years is a strong and impressive run. Thank you for the time and passion you’ve put into this.

  • I found JAD when I was just returning to the community. It brought the type of Joe content I always wanted to see. It played a big role in getting me back into writing about Joe. The times we just happened to profile the same figure on the same day were fun kismet.

    I’ll miss the content, but am glad the archive will stay online for future fans to discover. Good luck on the next phase of your life!

  • What Snake Eyes Said (...)

    Your site helped me feel more connected to the collector community, thanks for that!

  • Dan Szymanski

    Thank you for sharing your passion for these wonderful toys with us over the years. Where else could a GI Joe addict get an e-mail dropped into his inbox featuring the greatest toy line ever, on a regular basis???? Your dedication is greatly appreciated (present tense used as I can always read your “back-issue” blogs). 😁 Your content has contributed to many internet purchases, as you highlighted items I didn’t realize I “Needed”. Thank you for that as well! I hope your next endeavor brings you (and others) just as much joy. Cheers & God Bless.

  • You made the right call, Rob. Blogging on such a regular basis was one heck of a task. You came through with flying colors and deserve a well-earned retirement. Best of luck with your Real World challenges as well.

  • JAD has always been a fun & informative read with content analogous to reaching into a toy box and drawing out the first thing you find. Thanks for all your work over the years. I hope you keep enjoying the toys offline!

  • Thank you for JAD and good luck on your future endeavors. I’ve been a lurker here forever and have enjoyed all the content that has been posted. This site and Mike T’s Forgotten figures have kept my passion alive for the RAH Joes. It’s a little sad realizing that almost every Joe site that I frequent is becoming more inactive the last year or so. It’s been a great ride.

  • Best wishes

  • Thanks for all the posts. Best wishes, everyone

  • Past Nastification

    This is bummer.

    Like everyone’s already said, you’ve given a slice of daily goodness to the Joe collecting community. You’ve helped keep the nostalgia alive and generated new interest for a toy line that’s no longer on store shelves.

    On a more personal note, thanks for giving me a home for my writing.

    Don’t stay gone too long…

  • I only discovered your site a couple of months ago, but I’ve been a regular visitor since. You’ve done nice work, and you and the commenters have brought back some fun memories and gave me some good laughs. Good luck with whatever’s next, and I hope you conquer the challenges you mentioned.

  • Ill miss the daily check in! This site got me back into o ring joes like no other. Best to you sir on your future endevors and thank you for bring alot of people joy every day for the longest time.

  • Thanks for keeping this project going as long as you did! It’s one of my favorite blogs, and even if there’s no new posts going forward, I’ll still get a kick out of looking through the archives. I wish you the best with what’s next for you and yours! Yo Joe! 🙂

  • Thank you Rob. Take care.

  • Rob, your website is a tower of power among Joe fans. I’m late to the party though I saw it briefly at times over the years. I just wanted to say thanks for your devotion. I’ve a similar devotion to BattleTech and run a site with it, but it has to be an on and off thing when real life sometimes comes into play. Good on you for not “throwing away the keys”. I’m using your site as a reference in my collecting at times. I love the detail you put in and will keep coming back at times for as long as you keep it online. I hope you and the family are safe and sound in this crazy time. I’ll have to check out KansasBrawler’s posts as I suspect he may be a friend o mine!

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