25th Anniversary Comic Pack #1 (2008)

On the second Joe A Day of Christmas (or The Holidays, or whatever your persuasion–we’re all inclusive here) my true love gave to me…

A comic two-pack. Signed by Larry Hama!

When the 25th Anniversary series was on shelves, I picked up two each of the single figures; one to open and display loose, and one to leave carded. Truth be told, the packaging was really what drew me to buying the series. Initially, I also bought doubles of the comic two-packs, even though the packages lacked the vintage punch of the single cards. I didn’t have a plan to hang them up on a wall or even display them, so they sort of languished in storage. After a couple of assortments, I stopped buying an extra of the comic packs altogether.

This pack is okay for what it is, and at the time, I was excited to get an ’82-83 styled Hawk in the new style. He’s not an exact copy of his original self; the main differences being a lack of silver shoulder straps, although other straps on the figure got the shiny treatment. He’s also wearing green gloves, which looks a little odd, but is not totally out of place since the figure uses the gloved Snake Eyes mold. Scarlett is decidedly comic-booky in her color scheme. Again, that’s not a bad thing for the most part, considering that these are supposed to be figures based on a comic book (duh!).

Fast forward to 2009, and I had several of these things lying around by the time that year’s GI Joe con came to my hometown. I finally saw a use for them, and planned to have Larry Hama sign them. I actually had two that I wanted signed, this set and the issue #21 pack. Thankfully, the wonderful Mrs. Joe A Day went along with me (for all three days, mind you–did I mention she’s amazing?) and stood in line with me to get the second one signed. They’re both very cool items to have, and getting them was a great Joe memory, not just for meeting one of the great creators of the toy line and comic, but for sharing such a cool event with my wife. Over the years, I’ve met quite a few Joe fans and become online friends, but there’s nothing like enjoying the hobby with family.  I hope to share a future convention experience with my son as well when he’s older, and I look forward to making more family Joe memories.


  • It must be awesome to have a spouse who shares an interest. The couple of ladies i’ve known never showed much interest in my favorte things. Infact some of them went so far as to label me “weird” for having a wall dedicated to toy soldiers.

    A few weeks ago when my 4 year old Neice and 2 year old Nephew were over, i dug out the spytroops stuff for them to play with and they had a ball with it.

    It also must be nice to have an item signed by Mr Hama.
    I nearly picked up a set of these comic packs from a games shop in the Paramatta Westfeild shopping centre but they were $35.00 each and i thought that was a bit too much

  • I met Larry Hama at this year’s Emerald City Comic-Con. Nice guy in person. I had him sign two comics: the original first issue of “G.I. Joe Special Missions”, and the first issue of his late 80s Marvel series “Nth Man the Ultimate Ninja”.

  • I’m hoping Larry Hama comes to Calgary Comic Expo one of these years. The one comic pack I want is Tomax and Xamot.

  • He came in 2012, with Herb Trempe. I got a few things signed as well as commissioning an Ace sketch.

  • It’s cool that you got to make it a family outing. Meeting Larry must be the icing on any Joe fan’s cake.

  • Nice to see Mrs. Joe a day make an appearance.

    Thanks for all the work you do on this Rob. I don’t always comment, but I always read.

  • YO JOE…and YO JANE!
    My wife bought a lot of vehicles for me on Ebay!
    I share my hobby with her, my brother and his brother: it is a wonderful thing!
    B.T.W., i love that version of Abernathy…

  • Isn’t your brother’s brother your other brother?

  • I have a half-sister and she has another half brother, but he’s not related to me. Sis and I share the same father, she and her other bro share the same mother.

  • @Captainswift
    The piece of headwear you were talking about in your latest episode is called a “Slouch hat”. It has been the trademark of the Australian army for more than a century.
    Meanwhile th Jungle fighters uniform is based on the early Asia Pacific campaighn in which a holding unit was sent to guard New Guinea with desert uniforms and antiquted equipent.

    The holding unit was expected to be wiped out by the Japanese foces. It held and actually pushed the Japanese back.
    When the commander of the Australan forces in the area, Blamey arrived to revie his troops, he labelled them “cowards”
    Blamey also spent a lot f time fighting Douglas Macarthur as such, Blaimy and Macarthur are not looked upon too fondly by many where i live

  • Ah! Ah! No, my brother and my brother in law (my wife’s brother)…


  • @Skymate:
    Thanks. I think I get another shot at that uniform when I talk about Action Man in 1967, so I’ll keep that information in mind. (Seriously, I like that hat).

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