Toxic Zartan (2007)

For your consideration: Toxic Zartan. Before you hit the ‘Back’ button on your browser, for a moment, take Sigma 6 out of its place in GI Joe history as the line that supplanted an improving small scale line in 2005. Put the mostly god awful cartoon series out of your mind. Look at the figures purely from a toy perspective,

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Flint (2002)

In remembering back to the time of the new GI Joe 2002 series, there was a clamor by fans for the well known classic characters of the 80s. Most folks also wanted to see their favorites decked out in their old duds as well. Flint obliges, although he’s more than a little odd looking, like some other figures from later

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X-Ray Man (1980)

Can you believe I’ve been blogging daily about Fisher-Price’s Adventure People line for almost two years? Who would have thought that there were even enough figures to last that long? I’m no math whiz, but somehow it’s worked out so far. Here’s to two more years of daily AP excitement! Adventure People collectors fall into two categories: those who collect

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