X-Ray Man (1980)

Can you believe I’ve been blogging daily about Fisher-Price’s Adventure People line for almost two years? Who would have thought that there were even enough figures to last that long? I’m no math whiz, but somehow it’s worked out so far. Here’s to two more years of daily AP excitement!

Adventure People collectors fall into two categories: those who collect only reality-based figures and sets; and those who find enjoyment in the more odd and strange sci-fi figures and sets, which were released to capitalize on the popularity of Star Wars. While I find myself interested in something on both sides, I am generally more fascinated by figures like X-Ray Man.

Released only on a single card, X-Ray Man is based on the AP male swimmer body, with a newly created chestplate mold. There’s something a bit disturbing in general about this figure, which is essentially a clear tiny shorts wearing man with a robotic chestplate. The most disturbing are the eyes; they seem to be peering directly into my soul. Why do I get a Man From Atlantis vibe from this guy? Is the head mold based on a likeness of Patrick Duffy? Does he have supernatural powers? Who are you, X-Ray Man?! What do you want?! Get out of my head! Get out of my head!


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