Stretcher (1990)

This figure as a concept is a nice change-up from the usual idea of what a GI Joe combat medic does. While Stretcher is a medic, and can patch up wounded troops, he is primarily known for transporting them from the field of battle.  A flying platform is a nice piece of equipment to have in accomplishing that task. This

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Badger (1991)

Badgers? We ain’t got no badgers. We don’t need no badgers. We don’t got to show you any stinking Badgers! Sorry, couldn’t resist. I suppose the Badger filled a similar spot to the old VAMP, albeit in a bit of a scaled down size. While this is not as small a vehicle as you would think, it is a one-seater.

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Monkeywrench (1986)

Out of all the 80’s Dreadnoks, I think Monkeywrench most resembles a regular biker gang hooligan. He doesn’t have any new wave hairstyle, funky glasses or armor plated jeans. Instead, he’s decided to accessorize with patches and bandanas. In the end, he’s not too wild looking, just a long haired dude in jeans, vest and grenade bandolier. Okay, forget what

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