Stretcher (1990)

This figure as a concept is a nice change-up from the usual idea of what a GI Joe combat medic does. While Stretcher is a medic, and can patch up wounded troops, he is primarily known for transporting them from the field of battle.  A flying platform is a nice piece of equipment to have in accomplishing that task.

This is one of those great marriages of specialty and execution of a figure and accessories. Stretcher was a former weightlifter, and the figure’s build shows it. I can see this guy hoisting his injured comrades over his shoulders and taking them to safety. Looking at the size of the platform he’s standing on, he’d need to carry them. There doesn’t seem to be much room for riders. The platform is a pretty impressively sized accessory for a single carded figure. This figure is another of the excellently equipped 1990 series figures. The little plug-in mic on the chest is one of those extra little details that the year was full of. I often say that 1991 was my favorite 90’s GI Joe series, but between figures like this and the excellent Sky Patrol, I may have to rethink my opinion.

While Stretcher is an overall favorite of mine, I have to point out the fact that the head fell victim to one of the most infamously awful reuses in recent memory. Appearing in the Desert Patrol Squad as a horribly chosen and painted stand-in for Dusty, it was turned into an abomination. Check out my coverage of it, if you dare.


  • I’ll have to look up Stretcher, and his RAHC repaint, Sideswipe, at some point. If it were me in charge, we would’ve gotten Stretcher in the Anti-Venom Task Force set, and Dusty in the Desert Patrol Squad would’ve reused his 1991 mold.

  • A pity most people have either forgotten or dont even know about stretcher. There are more medics on the Joe team than just Doc and Lifeline

  • Sorry, this doesn’t have anything to do with the current figure, but I really must know where the page header art is taken from. Who is that grit-toothed chap with the cyberpunk Kalashnikov, anyway?

  • This buy became my favorite medic when I had them, being not as red as Lifeline, and more detailed and muscular than Doc. Even the 2002 medic couldn’t replace him.

    The “transportation” MOS gave this figure more use, too, as part of my overall motorized operations; he makes a great driver when he’s not needed for mending!

  • One of favoritest 1990 Joes.

  • Stretcher is a neat figure. The 1990 lineup really went all out in terms of new characters and lots of accessories but I never quite understood what that platform was for until I read his file card.

    In the comics, Stretcher was introduced shortly before Doc was killed off. He basically took over Doc’s spot on the team, even showing up alongside Lifeline in a later issue where Wild Bill flies in the team’s medical personnel.

  • This was one of the few figures my brother and I both had. His accessories and design were just so cool we both had to have him. I honestly think that’s the only time we ever had the exact same figure in our collections.

  • All around good figure with good accessories, though I’ve been a little iffy on the gun. Is it flares? I think it was called a grenade gun, they reused a bit in the early-mid 2000’s.

    Interesting the medic symbol they made since the medical red cross is a trademark of Red Cross.

  • I started collecting in ’86 and stopped in ’89 or ’90. I was 10 or 11 and my friends had moved on. I remember one friend asking me to start leaving my Joes at home when I came over. I was crushed.

    Anyway….. I didn’t get most of the 1990 figures until this past year and I have to say I agree completely about 1990 and 1991 having some amazing accessories and great sculpts.

    Stretcher is a cool figure with great accessories. Yo Joe!

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