1993 Street Fighter II Toy Fair Catalog Spread

Yesterday’s post sparked quite a bit of convo, so here’s another page from the same year’s catalog. It’s the Street Fighter II assortment. While not as crazy a dio as the Mega Marines, there’s still some interesting things going on–such as pre-production differences from the final toys. Can you spot ’em all?



  • I can indeed:
    -Guile is built from Bullet-proof’s head atop Sgt. Slaughter’s body.
    -Chun-Li and Blanka are straight repaints of Scarlett and Road Pig, with minor additions to their heads.
    -Ken has Downtown’s head atop Ninja Force Storm Shadow’s body.
    -Ryu has Quick Kick’s head atop Slice’s body.
    -M. Bison has the head and hat of Red Star.

  • Also; Blanka is trying to shoot himself

  • This is so awesome. WTH is on Roadpig’s head trying to pass for hair?! lol

  • I love that the SF2 characters, all expert martial artists, come to Joeville and instantly disregard all their training in favor of giant rocket launchers. YO JOE!!

  • The Blanka hair would almost have made him worth getting. The Bulletproof head Guile is interesting. I actually like that look more than I do the actual figure. This is more great stuff. Keep ’em coming!

  • Wow! That is like an alternate reality battle!

  • I’ve always wondered what the ID’s on the original figures were.
    Now to make customs of them all!

  • That Beast Blaster is great. The Thunder Machine was always one of my favorites. I had to overpay to buy one of these because of seeing this. Keep ’em coming man.

    • Yeah, I never knew it was a slightly reworked Thunder Machine as a kid. I loved that thing growing up. I think I got it for Christmas one year from my grandparents. It was a great vehicle and I’m sure had I known it was originally a Dreadnok vehicle, it would have gotten even more use than it did. I can just see my Ninja Force Zartan riding around in that thing like it was his own ride.

  • I think it was and is alright here, I would have lowered the camera angle for this scene though.

  • Toy ads always had the best backgrounds. That warehouse/garage with included ladder and crate would’ve been a fun playset.

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