• Ah, they goofed with Nunchuck and Storm Shadow’s weapons allotment.

  • If you take Dojo and T’Jbang out of the equation, the coloring on the other 4 is pretty solid and makes for a decent subset. But, the blue and yellow kind of throws off the entire ensemble. Knowing that Hasbro compared figures for how they’d look on the shelves, it’s odd that 2 figures are basically colored the same and that they clash so greatly with the other 4 figures.

    If these guys had normal construction, I think Slice, Dice and Stormshadow would all be fairly popular figures. Especially after the exposure Slice and Dice got in the comic. So much untapped potential.

  • ”Watch Out Cobra-Ninja Force is on the move to cut you down to size!”

  • Yeah, it is kind of amazing how much T’jbang and Dojo stick out when they’re hanging out with the rest of the original Ninja Force figures.

  • So; Slice and Dice were good guys in this photo?

  • “Hey, did you shoot the Ninja Force figures for the catalog?” “Uhh, yeah, give me about 5 minutes.”

  • Oooooh, Ninjas, ninjas, ninjas! C’mon, Sal, the Tigers are playing…TONITE!

  • I picked up Slice and Dice the day after Christmas at Toys R Us the year they were first released. I saw them on the shelf that day and that was my first exposure to Ninja Force. Those two instantly become two of my all time favorites, especially Dice.

  • Never really understood why Nunchuck wore sneakers. That still bothers me to this day. Love how him and Slice are defying gravity in every possible way.

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