13 Days of Halloween: Burn Out Card Art

For a costumed-themed GI Joe series, one need look no further than the 2003 Spy Troops assortments. The Joes and Cobras used disguises to infiltrate one another’s facilities, etc. Even the Dreadnoks got in on the action. New member Burn Out stood in as an MP, and honestly I liked his disguise more than his actual uniform.



  • Before Burnout joined the Dreadnoks, I thought they were a pack of racists. I remember talking to someone else on this blog about it

    • While many of the Joe characters are stereotypes or have stereotypical qualities about them, I never got the vibe that any characters were racist against anyone.

  • Why doesn’t YoJoe show him all dressed up? Seems like the blue “shirt” would coordinate with the blue on his trousers. Those are some pretty heavy metal boots for an MP, though. The Spy Troops look pretty silly, but I can imagine they’d be popular with kids.

    • I was working in a TRU back in 2003. Kids never touched the Spytroops stuff we had. They all wanted Yugioh and Beyblade stuff instead

      • I’m no expert, but I honestly don’t think Joe toys have been popular with kids since the original A Real American Hero ended.

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