Weather Dominator (2008)

The Revenge of Cobra. I had a Beta (that’s right, Beta) tape that I’d recorded from its first TV airing that I watched over and over. I watched that mini-series so many times that I can still recite most of the dialog even today.

There were a few vehicles and accessories from the mini-series that I had always wished for in toy form. TV series originals like the Cobra helicarrier, the boat piloted by the Baroness, and the Weather Dominator itself were very cool for non-Hasbro designs. I can recall trying to make a Dominator back in the day using some scrap wood that we had in our garage. Yeah, that didn’t quite work out. I had a little more success making Jabba’s sail barge from Return of the Jedi from the same surplus wood. Later, I attempted to make a Dominator out of paper and cardboard, which obviously turned out to be an easier project.

I got my wish for a toy version when it was included in one of the 25th anniversary series DVD battle packs. The MacGuffin–I mean Weather Dominator–is a good representation of its animated counterpart, and this crazy weather gizmo can even break down into three pieces. Thankfully, doing so won’t start a chain reaction of crazy weather all over the world.

I wouldn’t mind doing a little customizing and adding LED lights to it. But my greatest use for this item won’t be as a custom or part of a dio story, but rather as the topper for this year’s Joe A Day Christmas tree. After all, nothing says the holidays to me like a hydro-master, an ion correlator and a laser core.



  • I like this little gimmick–in my diostories, I can say it’s being kept in a special warehouse after the whole incident.

  • Hey, that’s not a Joe! Cheater!

  • The Weather Dominator was included in the second DVD Battles pack and is still an inexpensive find. Every Joe fan worth his or her salt should get one for their own Christmas tree.

  • This thing reminds me of the MASS device I’ll never complete.

  • Not sure the Weather Dominator fits the MacGuffin definition. It is central to the plot, and we know what it does…controls the weather…even if the reasoning behind how it does it are never explained (because it wouldn’t make sense anyway!). And it’s importance is clear, whom ever controls it, could control the world. MacGuffin’s are supposed to be vague and mysterious. Or that’s the impression I’ve gotten.

    Anyway, I’m glad they made it. It would’ve even cooler if they had made it in the vehicle assortment, making the control chair, too.

  • Still waiting for Doc’s energy mirrors.

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