Video Review: Joe Bricks with Will

Will and I bust out a video review for the first time in a long time. It started out as a usual trip to the JAD HQ for a little toy fun. Kre-O started us off, we jumped to BTR, then Will picked out some Geewunner.

You can still get this vehicle at Geewunner’s store here:

You can also check out Twitziller’s amazing BTR retrospective right here on JAD. I know I was down on the BTR vehicle in the vid, but there are some redeeming aspects of these sets. Check out all the BTR-ticles here.


  • It only just occurs to me that the BTR sets are very similar to what MegaBlocks has done in the past few years for HALO, Warcraft & Terminator with including a lot of molded, pre-“built” parts. More sturdy for play (or display) than typical brick sets, but you miss out on the construction experience. The Geewunner sets are very enjoyable to build, and they’re sturdy! Had Kre-O not died, Hasbro could’ve hired him as a consultant to really solidify that line.

  • James From Miami

    This is exactly what I have been complaining about with the Kreo-O stuff ever since. I didn’t even know that Kre-O had died. Call me naive perhaps, but I believe that if the Hasbro folks had done miniature M.A.S.K. scale size action figures, of the classic o-ring G.I. Joe characters, instead of these Lego people knock offs, I truly believe that Kre-O would have gone really far. Perhaps, it just wasn’t meant to be.

    • James From Miami

      And by the way, why would they designed the missile launcher to be on top of the tail of that little plane? And wouldn’t a helicopter have made more sense to use instead of a plane?

  • Will is getting big!

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