The RDF Presents: A Kickstarter Plug

I covered the Rapid Deployment Force back in 2013, and I had a grand time revisiting the re-purposed Pocket Patrol Pack. It even inspired me to wear the thing out on the town. Read the sordid story here. It’s one of my faves.

Now on to the real purpose. If you’re into action figure carrying cases of all stripes, I highly recommend checking out Philip Reed’s (of current Kickstarter project right here. He’s got just four days left, and he’s almost at his goal. I’ve supported his other projects, and they’re always nicely designed and full of great insight and memories. It’s RDF approved!



  • James From Miami

    The only carrying cases that I had back in the days were, the Star Wars Darth Vader mask and helmet carrying case, with a Han Solo figure. A Hot Wheels tire with rim shaped carrying case, that had mostly Matchbox, and other small toy cars brands. I also had the G.I. Joe APC troop carrying amphibious truck. And that’s all of the ones that I can remember having right now. As for the Rapid Deployment Force, I never understood why was the 1987 Fast Draw figure sold with two Night Force figures. I get that those figures were most likely left overs, but still it looks weird. Maybe the Hasbro folks should have had some workers hand painting the Fast Draw figures with some dark colors, to turn them into Night Force Fast Draw figures. That would have been much better. And I don’t think it would have cost them too much money to do that. And one of those Transformers carrying cases from the 1980’s, I’m not sure which one, but one of those do not have anything to secure the Transformers figures in it. Nothing, not even a rubber band.

  • For a moment there, I thought this was going to be about the Robotech Defence Force.
    I still have the Gobots command centre. That’s sort of a carry case. Although its badly beat up [it had to pull extra shifts as an AT-AT for several years], I managed to repair the electronics in it, thanks to a Retroblasting video.

  • ”Carry your favorite action figures.”

  • Does anybody remember the 12″ Rapid Deployment Force figures that came out around the same time as the Hall of Fame, led by a Duke expy? Hall of Fame Duke’s filecard even mentions the R.D.F. (“Led RDF (Rapid Deployment Force) troops into various “hot spots” in Central America and the Middle East.”). Is there a connection? Or is it a coincidence?$_1.JPG

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