Tele-Viper (2003)

As a kid, I found the Tele-Viper to be a very lame Cobra troop. Some of my feeling was based on the sculpt, which was both plain and odd looking. Some was based on the specialty (how cool could a communication trooper be?). Some was based on the accessories (was that a Wham-O Air Blaster he was carrying) and some was the overly cutesy way that the cartoon version would communicate via a text readout on their visors. Ugh.

The new sculpt version would solve some of the issues that kept me from liking the original. First, the look was much more appealing. The all-over blue with a few purple highlights was changed up in favor of more color variety. The figure also has a more battle-ready look than its predecessor. The bulbous helmet has been trimmed down and given a more menacing look.

The accessories are more in line with a trooper who is also a capable fighter. The comm gear has become a nicely incorporated shoulder piece rather than a bulky backpack. He was equipped with a couple of decent firearms, and the weird transmitter/gun is finally gone. A handheld communicator, though incredibly tiny, is a sensible upgrade considering the advances in miniturization of technology.

Finally, the file card gives the specialists a little twist on their roles of communications. Now the Tele-Viper also serves as a bodyguard for high ranking Cobras. Definitely a different spin on the old bubble heads.


  • Agreed on all counts. The improvements on the Tele-Viper made perfect sense and were a huge step forward in making these guys look more respectable.

    They’re even using smart phones in the IDW continuation of the Marvel series.

  • With this color scheme he kind of looks like Scrap-Iron….

  • Of many new-sculpt figures, this guy stands well among figures of other vintages. I’m still kinda partial to the dopey looking v1, but this was a good update.

  • Tell you what, though. I’ll take the original Tele-Viper over the 25th one that came with a Trubble Bubble. I still have that guy, mostly because his gimpy Viper arms are good for holding a laptop accessory.

  • I only have the 25th Tele-Viper and the Valor Vs. Venom single pack repaint (which uses the ’85 color scheme). Overall–I think the 25th version is a reason we need time travel.

  • This fig was ok at the time but was quickly dated. I’ll take the vintage version any day. Remember how expensive this guy was for a short while in 03?

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