Tracker (Funskool)

I consider myself an “opener” when it comes to toys. After all, if I can’t get my hands on it, what’s the point? While I love well made card and packaging art, that hasn’t translated into my collecting habits. So when I picked up this figure, I fully intended to open it up, as I’ve done with all the Funskool

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Capt. Grid-Iron (Funskool)

It’s been a while since a Funskool India figure graced this blog. Okay, okay, it’s really only been a week, but this was an exciting pick up for me. This is one figure that I have been trying to track down for some time. I had originally attempted to pick it up online a few years back, but due to

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Grunt (Funskool)

Though the Funskool GI Joes consisted of a lot of straight remakes of domestic US figures, there were also plenty of oddities mixed in. Near the end of the run, things got really weird. Remember the very literally accessorized Windmill? This Grunt falls somewhere along a less crazy line in terms of his look, although he’s still equipped with one

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