Grunt (Funskool)

Though the Funskool GI Joes consisted of a lot of straight remakes of domestic US figures, there were also plenty of oddities mixed in. Near the end of the run, things got really weird. Remember the very literally accessorized Windmill? This Grunt falls somewhere along a less crazy line in terms of his look, although he’s still equipped with one strange item.

The 1991 Grunt on which this figure is based has mystified me. He looked a little too civilian, with his open collared shirt and strange pants. Speaking of which, exactly what is going on with his pants? They kind of look like flight suit pants, with all the zippers and pockets. Maybe they’re 80s parachute pants. With this repaint, the outfit looks even more like a civilian, or at least something more along the lines of airfield support personnel. Is this even supposed to be Grunt? Even the 1991 original had the black flattop. Did he dye his hair when he left the Joe team?

Looking at the green recolor of the Lifeline case, one might think he’s supposed to be a medic. The case actually holds the secret of the awesome extra play value item included in the package. I’m talking about the free GI Joe tattoo maker. Okay, actually, it’s just a rubber stamp, but we can pretend, can’t we? This has to be the most amazing in-package premium since face camo. I can’t wait to stamp my own GI Joe tattoos! Hide the kids!

In a stroke of whacked-out genius, the ink pad for the tattoo maker is inside the Lifeline case. Now that’s truly blurring the lines between toy and reality. For the first time, Joes can interact with a package insert. Grunt likes to wield his stamper and deface the sides of Cobra vehicles and bases. Luckily, he’s got arms large enough to be able to heft it. Take that, Cobra!


  • Nice, I never knew the Funskool version came with that stamp. I’ve seen the figure before on other sites, but I don’t recall that rubber stamp getting mentioned. That’s pretty impressive. And gotta say, that camo face paint was pretty badass. His clothes (sorry, I can’t call that a uniform) are pretty interesting. My brother had the US version and I’d never really noticed all those zipper details until they were better set off against the base color than the original’s yellow and orange.

  • Dreadnok: Spirit

    This is actually a nice looking figure. Funskool didn’t go ape with the random colors for a change and it’s a pretty nice looking color scheme.

  • Now, there’s something I hadn’t seen before: The Joes’ very own graffiti specialist!

    I hadn’t noticed the zippers either until you reviewed this guy. The head sculpt always reminded me more of a young Elvis Presley than any prior version of Grunt. Props to Funskool for one of the oddest ducks out there in terms of pack-in accessories.

  • That’s it. Now I’ve gotta have this figure! Or more specifically, that stamper & case.

  • I’ve seen a custom of the Dreadnok Crusher using that waist and legs:
    I believe that the Grunt (both this and the original) was meant to be a different character entirely–the Navy belt buckle gives that notion away.

    Also, for some reason, when Double Blast and Crossfire were released, I felt that they should’ve come with machine guns that gave them their own sense of distinction. Double Blast would have a black version of the Sonic Fighters Road Pig’s (which this Grunt has) while Crossfire would’ve come with Sonic Rock N’ Roll’s.

    And one slight off-topic bit–Funskool Cross-Country’s weapons compliment would be great to give to Super Trooper. Who agrees with me?

  • @Acer Supertrooper would look even more badass with that chromed M60 and large knife

    Its odd seeing a figure come with something as practicle as a stamp. Wonder why Hasbro never did that back in the 80’s? Didnt Hit&Run come with facepaint at one point?

  • I’m covered in those tats as I type this. I look like Zazz from Batman.

  • Funskool rules!

  • Awesome “tatoo maker”!

  • Casual Friday Grunt?

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