Lonzo R. Wilkinson (2006)

Did you read the Marvel GI Joe comic as a kid and wish that they made action figure versions of the many variations of the main characters? I know I did. My fascination goes back to issue number two, with the very cool arctic uniforms worn by Snake Eyes, Stalker, Breaker and Scarlett. Okay, maybe they were a little plain,

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Cobra SAW Viper (2006)

I suppose the Direct to Consumer (DTC) line bridged the gap between the GI Joe vs. Cobra/new sculpt/whatever era and the 25th anniversary/modern lines. By the way, GI Joe fans really like to categorize and name these things, don’t we? The DTC series marked not only a return to single carded figures, but also to a more classic styled packaging.

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Cannonball (2005)

Cannonball is another driver made entirely of reused parts. It’s not surprising considering he was released as a driver of a Direct to Consumer vehicle, the Rhino. The DTC line utilized a lot of existing molds, with some strategically inserted new parts and weapons. Cannonball’s body is made up of Barrel Roll and Switch Gears, two of my favorite figures

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