Did you read the Marvel GI Joe comic as a kid and wish that they made action figure versions of the many variations of the main characters? I know I did. My fascination goes back to issue number two, with the very cool arctic uniforms worn by Snake Eyes, Stalker, Breaker and Scarlett. Okay, maybe they were a little plain, but I still liked ‘em. Somebody at Hasbro must have liked them too, because Snake Eyes has had two figures based on it.

Stalker, whose iconic camo outfit is still one of my favorite GI Joe figures, was featured in the Snake Eyes origin issues. He, Snakes and Storm Shadow were depicted in Vietnam flashbacks, wearing combat fatigues. Each of the three had a unique look, with some signature elements of their later selves included. The comic pack based on this storyline gave us all three in one pack, and like the other 2000s comic packs, were made up of a combination of mostly existing parts but with a few new as well.

I’ve heard varying opinions on the comic packs’ redesigned heads. Some think they’re too small, while others like the detailed modern sculpts. Some of the heads are small, especially in relation to the figures’ hands, but the vintage hands have never been to scale either. It’s just a matter of the design. In order for the hands to be the proper size in relation to the body, they would have been so small as to be very thin, and thus even more easily breakable. We all know how easily thumbs can snap off, but imagine if a vintage GI Joe figure’s hands were one third smaller, and made of the old hard ABS plastic. Today’s toys get away with it because they use pliable PVC. Wow, have I gotten sidetracked, or what?

Stalker is a pretty decent representation of his flashback self, given the parts used. The original Duke torso seems like a good fit, aside from the blazing silver airborne insignia and grenade. Probably not a good idea to wear in the jungle, but hey, even back then Stalker was a bad bad man. Waitaminute, Stalker isn’t airborne! Nerd rage!

Relax, it’s only a toy.


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