Red Ninja (2012 Retaliation Ninja Showdown)

When I covered the Renegades Storm Shadow figure, I mentioned that Ihoped to see the mold again, since the movie sequel appeared to be ninja heavy. Man, I hate love being right. This is one of two Red Ninjas in the first wave, the other obviously being the single pack. This one differs not only in paint scheme, but in accessories.

The Retaliation single pack figures are a stark contrast to the more recent Joe lines, with limited accessories like only one or two weapons. Fortunately that’s not the case for the multi-packs. Packed inside each is a veritable arsenal of weapons for the figures. There’s a lot of martial arts gear to be spread among the three characters in the pack. Most impressive to me for this figure is the added headgear: the conical hat and fencing mask. They’re both just the kind of little added bonuses that make the pack worthwhile. I absolutely love the conical hat, which reminds me–it’s time to start on some Big Trouble in Little China customs. If I could only find a base for a Jack Burton figure.

The Red Ninja mold also shines in its addition of the side ankle swivel, which allows for some incredible fighting poses. I’ve said it before; I’ll buy this mold in any color Hasbro produces, even if they make it clear lime green. Well, maybe that’s not totally accurate–I would buy any figure in clear lime green.


  • I still have yet to get ANY figure that uses this mold.

  • Kansas Brawler

    Yeah, this was my first exposure to the mold since that last wave of 30th never got anywhere near me in SD so I was pretty delighted to get it…and with all sorts of extra ninja gear. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure kids will have a blast with that zipline, but man, the accessory kit on the carded version is pretty sparse. I love that the hands can be used to grip the sais in a couple different ways. That conical hat is really cool and for some reason it looks really awesome when he’s holding the bladed staff. And that fencing mask makes him a pretty good representation of Slice from the old Ninja Force days, which I appreciate as a nice little nod to the 90s era of Joes.

  • I’ve never been a fan of the ninja aspects which dominate the RAH universe, but even I have to admit that this is an awesome figure. The conical hat and fencing mask are great additions to the line’s vast accessory repertoire.

  • So Where Cn I find him? is he in a set or separate?

  • Love the San-Pan hat, so i need the figure, can you clarify if he is a separate figure or in a set, and if so the name> (I have found several Red Ninjas, but not this sculpt)

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