Looking Back and Looking Ahead

2015 has been an interesting year for the blog. At times, it’s been a slog to keep up with daily posts (as evidenced by the lack of one yesterday) but for the most part I’m still having fun with the project. While things started out four and a half years ago as coverage of mostly GI Joe figures, I’ve branched out into other areas of the brand, and that’s where I’m really finding my joy.

There were some things I didn’t get accomplished in 2015, like videos, a yearly podcast and attending Assembly Required, but alas life takes priority over such things. I don’t know what exactly the next year will hold, but I’ll be sure to continue to give it a go each day and keep things fun.

Thanks to my family for being the biggest supporters of JAD. Finally, I’d like to take the opportunity again to thank all of you who follow, read and comment here. It is my hope that your year is filled with much joy and prosperity. Happy New Year and God Bless,



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