Kenji “Rain” Shinto (2010 Corps!)

Storm Shadow is the leader of Ninja Force–excuse me, got confused there. Rain is the leader of Shinobi Squad, a specialized ninja assault team and sub-group of the Corps!

When Lanard’s Corps! line transitioned to the T-crotch in the 2000’s, I found most of the figures to be oddly proportioned and a little too busy with details. But over the past couple of years, some of the newer figures have really begun to appeal to me. They seem to have toned down the amount of straps, belt and pouches, and have also tightened up the sculpting, although the cartoonish proportions still remain.

Rain was originally released in a blue and grey color scheme that didn’t do much for me. This latest repaint however is a vast improvement, and while the paint apps are limited, the stark new color scheme has really brought some interest to what was a fairly boring figure. Of course, limited paint apps are a common complaint with a budget line like the Corps! and it’s a shame that some of the nice detailing on the torso armor isn’t highlighted with a bit of contrasting color.

I’m a sucker for figures that can store their weapons, and Rain impresses me to no end, because all three of his accessories can tuck away somewhere on his person. The sword has a built-in sheath in the figure’s back, the throwing blade plugs into the backpack socket, and the sidearm slips into an (inconveniently placed) leg holster.

Sure, the modern Corps! figures don’t fit in as well with Joes as their old O-ring brethren did, but the line has I think found its own sort of fun niche with some decent offerings, and you can’t beat the price either. $1.77 for a figure–unheard of!


  • Actually i look at this new corps figures and they are where GI Joe was inthe early 2000’s (between 2002 and 2004) when Hasbro bought Kenner and they became Hasbro’s Boys Toys division and the Joes and collectors got saddled with T crotch versions of our favorite team.

  • I would salvage the sword and pistol off this guy. Maybe the arms (are they compatible with most ‘new sculpt’ Joes?).

  • I’m okay with the price most of all. Can’t beat that. But like Garoquel said, it’s strange how Lanard has never moved beyond the non o-ring/new sculpt era style that Hasbro abandoned so quickly. Cost effective measures? I would think that they would be coming up with a 25th style buck by now, or at the very least be rid of that blasted T-crotch.

  • T-crotch or no, I’m not sure how much complaining one can do when a figure costs less than a Happy Meal. I’m just sayin’.

  • I bought this figure @ Wally world and used his head for a Budo custom I’m making. I agree, the sculpting even on the cheap figures is getting better by the year. This figure is a good one. I might have to get another…

  • Come to think of it, I haven’t taken if off. It’s not that noticeable.

  • Just bought the Blue Kenji, today. I like him, too.

  • I got a figure that used that same torso (name escapes me, but he had a mask and a head that looked like a classic straw hat), I have to admit I love the fig, was contimplating this one too, was so impressed by the fact they can store weapons like that.

  • I’ve been a GI Joe fan since 1983. Honestly…. Lanards Corps ! are ball hinged or DCUC style hips away from being the overall best action figure line available including Joe.
    The sculpting style of the ” new recruits ” figures (Mirage, Rain, Road Rash, Decoder, Bolder and Ethan Crowne ) are all fun and appealing.
    The designs are unique and stand out just enough to not look passed them in the toy aisle .
    Most importantly the price is phenomenal. Between $1-$3 for a single figure with a level of quality on par with most of todays action figures ? Sold every time. Don’t even get me started on the vehicles. I dare someone to find a better overall value at a retail store. GI Joe may still be the leader in the 1:18th military figure category but Hasbros prices reflect that at $10 each.

  • how do we buy it

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