• I appreciated the intent behind these guys and their specialties, but they seemed better suited
    (pun intended) for the Toxic Crusaders or Captain Planet’s Planeteers rather than the Joes. They already had Airtight covering similar ground in a serious manner.

    The moment that kills it for me is 0:11 because the Sunbow Flint would never have stooped to that.

  • In addition, is Clean-Sweep wearing a toupee for this series?

  • In large part, when characters like, say, Dusty appeared on the DIC show (not everybody, but several), a vague attempt was made to sound at least a little like the original voice actor. But they went so far afield with Flint, who had, probably, the most distinctive voice of any of the Joe characters shy of Shipwreck.

  • Clean Sweep for the win!

    I never found season two of DIC when it came out. While I’ll admit, it’s pretty bad, I still kinda want to see those episodes just for completeness’ sake.

  • must contain rage….failing

    The eco warriors episodes were so flawed and stupid they made Toxic Avengers ;a terrible show that lasted 5 episodes [even though a full season was produced] look good by comparison. Cesspools cartoon incarnation was so stupid he makes Metelhead look like an Oxford schollar. What the hell is Cesspool going to live on if he completely destroys the ecosystem?

    As for Flint in this series, i get the impression that he and his wife were replaced by pod people dopplegangers as they were both so inept.

    And here’s the icing on the cake. My namesake appears in “infested island” with an animation error on his arm [which resembles a spoon] Maybe he enjoys playing knifyspoony

    You the same Captainswift who did the song about snakeeyes?

  • @Captainswift
    Funny you should mention that, since of the cast, the only standbys from the original Sunbow toon who reprised their roles on the show were Jackson Beck (narrating the 1989 miniseries), Morgan Lofting as Baroness, Chris Latta as Cobra Commander, Ed Gilbert as General Hawk, and Jerry Houser as Sci-Fi.

  • captainswift:Bill Ratner is God. Follow him on Twitter, he’s one heck of a nice guy and very generous with his fans. Easily my favorite voice actor in the business.

  • @Skymate. I am in fact that same captainswift

  • @Captainswift
    My mother is a great admirer of the snakeeyes song

  • Tell your mother thanks. Hopefully I won’t be quite so under pitch when I do the Cobra Commander song.

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