• Its good to see a clip from a DIC episode that isnt from a bootleg or questionable source.

    DIC also made a C.O.P.S episode which is virtually identicle to this one. Now, onto the complaint

    I find it hard to beleive that a career soldier like Duke had never seen such abuse in the army

  • This is the one where Headman dies, right? Wow. That really was so heavy handed, it’s almost laughable. Kudos to Hasbro and DIC for trying, though.

    It’s still cool to see ’92 Duke in action along with the D.E.F. The animation is pretty neat, too. And the late, great Chris Latta was the best point of transition between both series.

  • It was also good to see some of those D.E.F guys to get some screen time.

  • That was my first Duke figure, not sure if I’ve ever seen him animated until now.

  • I really don’t hate the DIC cartoon. It’s not… good, per se, but there’s worse. There are some bad episodes to be fair, and there are some nearly unwatchable episodes. And at least one totally unwatchable episode (“Revenge of the Pharaohs”, you hurt my brain). But there are also some decent episodes in there, too, and even one or two almost-good episodes. Dare I say, even an excel… okay, let’s not go that far.

  • @Scott
    he was mine too. He was one of the figures which i bought myself. I think he may have been the second one? I know “Cavalry” Wild Bill was the first figure which i managed to purchase myself.

    @ Captainswift
    I’m watching all the DIC cartoon at the moment and writing reviews for them as i hope to have a website dedicated to all Joe cartoons one day. And yes, Revenge of Pharoahs is so stupid i think i lost IQ points watching it.

  • Fun Fact: Cutter and Barricade (!) make silent blink-and-you’ll-miss cameos in this story. The former will show up again with Cloudburst and Cpt. Krimov in ‘Message From The Deep’.

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