Joe A Day Yearbook: 3rd Anniversary Podcast

It’s a little late in coming, but the annual podcast is now live. It also finally has a title. My Yearbook however bears little resemblance to the Marvel Comics concept, as I neither recap what’s come before or tease to the future. I just don’t have the time, folks. I wonder why?

I’d like to thank everyone who participated:

Dak the Knomadd from The Critical Hit Anomalists
Scot (@cyko9)
Patrick from A Real American Fanboy
Mark (@YT74)
Josh AKA KansasBrawler
Andrew AKA Twitziller (@twitziller)

Thank you to everyone who reads the site, contributes articles, and especially to all the commenters. You all have created a nice little community here, and it’s gratifying to be a part of it.

Also, a big thanks goes out to Dave from Flag Points for acting as a co-host for the third time, and the biggest thanks of all to my greatest supporters and special guests, my son Will and Mrs. Joe A Day.

Listen in via the streaming link below, or use the direct link to save it to your device.


Direct Download


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10 Responses

  1. Skymate says:

    My voice sounds less horrible in person

  2. Dak the Knomadd says:

    Mine doesn’t :-/

  3. Mamu Nestor says:

    A while ago I made a custom Snake Eyes with his mask off… a Duke head. LOL

  4. YT says:

    What fun! I enjoyed the JAD family segment and the outakes were great!

  5. Skymate says:

    Glad to see you kept in my gator wrestling gag

  6. cyko9 says:

    I just got around to listening to the podcast, and I fell on the floor when Will said you need to put Duke on the website! As Snake Eyes!! You’ve got a solid website co-host there. Thanks for the chance to chime in on JAD, and way to keep it fresh for 3 years!

  7. dave says:

    belt buckle week!

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