• ”Cobra agents passing the buck”.

  • Not that I can’t see Cobra Commander knocking some heads together, but that episode, “Once Upon a Joe”, is so corny. It approaches DIC levels of slapstick. But that’s what they were going for.

  • Once Upon A Joe, aka, The McGuffin Device. I love that episode. Then again, I love all of the episodes from the 1986 season two of G.I. Joe. You know, as I look at that image up there, it just makes me miss the way that the old American serious action adventure cartoons used to be drawn, with human characters, and animals, drawn looking realistic, like how people, and animals, are supposed to look in real life. None of that Japanese anime funny nonsense, like the stuff that you see in the Bugs Bunny cartoons. I really miss that type of artwork in cartoons that are supposed to be serious. For example, it is very hard for me to watch G.I. Joe Renegades because of how awful, and cheap looking, and childish looking, the artwork is(it’s like a torture for me to watch those cartoons). It’s just hard for me to take that G.I. Joe series, seriously, even though a lot of the episodes had stories that dealt with a lot of very serious stuff. Anyway, the fact that they named that device the McGuffin, shows to me how that season two of the 80’s cartoons, was way more creative, and some what more fun than the first season(even though season one had some very weird episodes). To me, season two is just more fun to watch than season one. And, I also like very much all of the 86 characters, and their figures, and all of the vehicles, and other things that were released that year. I don’t know if I am the only G.I. Joe fan in America, or the world for that matter, that actually feels this way, though. Anyway, I only hope that one day I’ll get the chance to see some G.I. Joe cartoons that are drawn realistic like this again, before I’m gone. By the way, did anybody noticed besides the fact that one of these Strato-Viper pilots is fat, and the other one is skinny, that we can also see their eyes, and their noses. That’s not how the Strato-Viper figures were designed. But, I also like this design. They should probably make the figures of these two guys, and sell them together with the McGuffin device.

  • Anyone else reminded of Henchmen 21 and 24 from The Venture Brothers looking at the two Strato-Vipers? 😉

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