In Your Local Paper: GI Joe Cartoon Debut

Inspired by the amazing newspaper toy ads that Phillip over at regularly unearths, I thought I would do a little digging to locate a TV listing circa my favorite cartoon era. Getting more specific, I wondered if I could find a listing for the debut episode of GI Joe: A Real American Hero AKA the MASS Device mini-series. What do you know, I found it in the Sunday, September 11, 1983 issue of the Milwaukee Journal. So be sure to run home after school, or set your Betamax to record channel 18 at 3:30pm Monday.

By the way, if you’re hoping to catch Bugs Bunny & Friends right before GI Joe, it’s been pre-empted by Charmkins. Now you know!




  • Sorry I have to watch Maude instead..

  • For some reason in the fall of ’83 I would regularly scan the TV listings for the week that were in the Sunday paper. I don’t recall why. But, I remember seeing a G.I. Joe cartoon coming on the next afternoon. None of my friends believed me. I was at a friend’s house after school, toying around with his HISS Tank waiting for the show to come on. I was vindicated when it did. For some reason, I missed the Thursday episode of both the first two mini series.

    And, my kids will never know what a newspaper is nor why anyone would have to wait to see any TV show.

  • ”Tune in to the 5-part movie.Watch your favorite Joes vs Cobra.See the mighty 1983 G.I.Joe Sky Striker in action!”

  • When G.I.JOE aired in my neck of the woods, it was on a show, sponsored by Hanna-Barba. It was good to see ‘Agro’ run non scooby doo shows once in a while. If you guys want to see some non-PC stuff, check out ‘Agro’s cartoon bloopers’ on youtube

  • Dreadnok: Spirit

    I’ve never even seen a Beta in person. All our VCRs were VHS.

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