Gatilho (2011)



“Gatilho” apparently translates in English to “trigger” which doesn’t look as cool or exotic, but at least I can pronounce it.

Regardless of his codename, I’m glad to finally own the character in my collection. The foreign release vintage Python repaint of Airborne from Estrela costs way more than I can afford, so this convention exclusive 25th rendition makes an awesome subsitute. Gatilho is a pythonized gun nut, a second individual character, which is sorely needed on a special ops team wholly comprised of nameless troopers plus a [rather dubious] leader which doesn’t make for an effective chain of command, so he or Relampago need to be the XO.

And damn this figure kicks ass! So glad the GIJoe Collector’s Club saw fit to give us this figure ’cause Hasbro NEVER would have.

I heart Gatilho.


  • I’ve always liked the international variants of these earlier figures. Gatilho and Relampago are two such examples. The club did some great work on this guy!

  • I love intrnational figures. This one is pretty sweet. Was it super expensive?

  • Sadly this con figure is now more expensive and harder to find than the vintage Estrela figure. It’s a weird time to be a vintage collector.

  • I know it would anger a lot of collectors, but if the Club made another batch of Mission Brazil sets, even without the packaging, I’d be all in. Then I’d also have to get the Oktober Guard set, and then I’d be collecting all the Con sets, and then I’d have to sell my house. Actually, Club, never mind!

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