Funskool Windmill

Somebody at Funskool was either super high or prone to taking things way too literally. As the pilot of the Skystorm X-Wing Chopper, his original namesake was most likely chosen in relation to the vehicle’s design.

It’s not all goofiness however, as Funskool gave his uniform a nice spruce up of color. The original was just an odd combo, and lacked contrast. Although the oxygen mask and gloves are a bit much, the red jacket with blue pants is a nice combo that looks nicely pilot-y.

But we can’t escape the elephant in the room, that marvel of engineering–the propeller backpack. Didn’t I see this thing in DaVinci’s sketchbook back in my Art History classes? The fact that Funskool designed and produced its own original piece of Joe equipment still amazes me. That is, I assume the thing is original. Considering the lack of detail, I’m wondering if this wasn’t some existing bit of a gum machine toy or Cracker Jack prize modified with a GI Joe-sized peg.





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