Dr. Mindbender (1993)

The 1993 Joe series was a monstrous year in terms of total figures, with over one hundred individual figures released among the regular line, drivers, mail-ins and the Street Fighter spin-off. The Battle Corps series in itself saw 36 figures, a great many of which were redesigns or repaints of existing characters. Joes and Cobras alike were refreshed that year, some more effectively than others.

Dr Mindbender, though decked out in the bright colors of the time, at least fared better than his original version in the shirt department. After all those years of running around bare-chested, he finally donned some upper body raiment, a particularly stylish high-collared side-buttoning number that harkens back to his orthodontist days. Oh, and it’s purple to boot. Nice.

The file card makes reference to his fate in the GI Joe comics, but takes the story to the next level; having the Doctor escape death by enhancing his body with cyborg parts. I suppose that explains his resembling a cross between Lobot and Locutus of Borg. The file cards of the time also featured a diagram with call-outs describing the various weaponry and details of the character. In Mindbender’s case, there are some really creative explanations for all of the equipment on his wrists and chest, such as a pacemaker and wrist-mounted computers. It’s a huge improvement over other figures’ call-outs, such as Col. Courage’s tie.

As normal for the later series figures, he’s supplied with a plethora of bright colored weapons, this time in a shocking yellow. Lemony!


  • The line’s 1993 output was truly its last gasp, but I had long since stopped collecting. I was surprised to see Hasbro revive Mindbender after he had been unceremoniously dispatched in the comics, but at least they came up with an idea befitting the character. It’s a shame that the loud colors take away from the intricate details found in this cyborg version. Even his mustache was trimmed down to a more respectable level. I wish we could see this figure being released or updated down the line, but it’s doubtful given that Mindy is now back to his old bare-chested self in the Hamaverse.

  • I actually like this figure a lot more than his previous incarnation. The molded details are awesome! I would have liked for him to have been colored a little differently. maybe blue and red with gloss black or silver detailing…I think I need an extra for customizing.

  • Alas, the end of the ’86 Viper legs, too. This is a neat figure and fits in well with where the line was going at the time. The “popeye” forearms bug me a bit, but otherwise, this fig deserves a repaint.

  • This figure was after my time, and in fact I have never seen him before, so I have no nostalgia for him whatsoever.

    I have no nostalgia for the neon craze; aside from Sci-Fi, I hate it all.

    I have no nostalgia for the Mindbender character. I kitbashed my Cobra Island Mindbender into a new character.

    I say all this as a preamble to a surprising, indeed inexplicable fact:

    I really, really like this figure.

  • It wasn’t the figure colours that turned me off back in the lead up to my teenage years. It was those brightly colour guns. Why Hasbro?

  • IMHO the head sculpts really went down in quality in 1993 after hitting a high point in the previous year. This Mindbender feels both like an upgrade and a down-grade from the original. Whatever potential he might have had drowned to death in all that yellow. Also, he kind of looks like Lobot from The Empire Strikes Back.

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