DIC Syndication Promo

Attendees of this year’s final JoeCon had a chance to pick up a USB drive chock full of Joe-related pics, video and other information courtesy of Joe Declassified. While perusing the content, I couldn’t help but get excited over this DIC animation promo. Not only because I’m an unabashed fan of the DIC ‘toon, but also because the promo was recorded from a local television station – KSMO TV 62.

Talk about memories–my rejuvenated interest in GI Joe started while the DIC series was still in first-run syndication, and I was a financially-challenged college student. Though this promo has the show airing on Sundays, I caught a few weekday morning episodes before taking off for early classes. Purely for research purposes, of course. And I promise there were no bowls of cereal consumed during such time.


  • Interesting that they call out the Eco-Warriors and DEF’s missions (saving the environment and keeping kids off drugs) without mentioning those sub-lines. I wonder who wrote promos like these? Hasbro or the station?

  • Past Nastification

    Watching the show on its own is one thing. It’s a little protected bubble of GI Joe goodness.

    But watching the ad for it, complete with a local station tack-on voiceover, is oddly different. The advertisement element frames it in time. It makes me feel like it’s almost 30 years ago, but only for 30 seconds. Very surreal.

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