Crimson Guard (2009 Convention Exclusive)

I’ve thought that most of the JoeCon parachute drop figures from have been hit or miss. There have been some real disappointments, like the Jungle Viper and Prison Uniform Flint, but also a few that I kind of enjoy, like the Sky BAT and Air-Viper. But 2009’s Crimson Guard stands out as my favorite.

The 2009 convention was a great experience for me. Not only was it held in my hometown, but I dragged my wife to go with me. Actually, she found it to be a fun and interesting experience, and we both had a blast. At the end of the weekend, I ended up with the full set of exclusives plus a few items I had been looking for, and she got to buy a new comforter set after we left on Sunday afternoon. Hey, sometimes you still have to compromise, even when your wife’s cool enough to go with you to JoeCon. Either way, it was a win-win.

The club really didn’t skimp on this figure. The uniform is made of a heavier cloth than usual for most modern Hasbro 12 inch figures, and it features metal snaps rather than velcro closures, which is always a plus. Even if it didn’t have all of the higher-end features–it’s a 12 inch Crimson flippin’ Guard! With a parachute!

I procured mine during the parachute drop itself. Before you boo me, the first one I caught I handed to one of the kids who were running around the area trying to beat out all the grown men reaching for the figures. I did see a few other adults scrambling for them in front of kids, which wasn’t cool at all. Come on, people, you gotta give the kids first shot. 

Unfortunately, I didn’t buy the accessory set at the con, so mine is equipped with the Spy Troops CG accessories. They’re not as detailed, but I think they fit in well enough. All in all, it’s a great 12 inch interpretation of the classic CG.


  • I have to say that your wife did an excellent job shooting that parachute drop footage. The shaky-cam style really puts the viewer in the middle of the action!

  • A really nice-looking figure, just 8.25″ too tall for my Joeverse.

  • I found the paradrop “for the kids” thing a bit hypocritical. The idea of the convention is that adults have made childish things into major collectibles. If it’s for the kids, then drop some common figures that no collector cares about. Then you wouldn’t have fiascos like that.

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