Cobra Trooper (2012 Dollar General)

I wonder why blue was chosen as Cobra’s primary uniform color rather than black? I assume it was to add a splash of color on the shelves among all the green good guys. Whatever the case, black has crept into Cobra’s ranks a few times in the modern era. Maybe not as many times as crimson, but changing the color scheme adds a little more menace to the enemy forces. Whether you call them Night Watch, Shadow Ops or anything else; most troops just look good in black.

Being one of the budget figures, the paint apps are limited. But it’s not such a big deal, as the figure benefits from the monochromatic paint job. If I have one issue with the figure, it’s the large silver Cobra logo, which defeats the purpose of turning the figure into a subdued night ops trooper.

A limited weapons complement is another side effect of the budget origins of the figure, and he’s equipped with just one rifle. His sidearm holster and knife sheath are empty out of the box, but easily filled by extras from the last few years of well-armed Joes.

On the subject of accessories, shouldn’t the figure be an officer? He’s wearing the usual officer web gear and also sports the vintage officer’s chevron on his helmet, both of which the PoC and 30th anniversary Cobra Troopers lacked.

Even if you don’t like the concept of a black cobra trooper, the mold and color has great custom potential. If I could find another, I might easily adapt it into a modern Blackout custom, with just a head swap and new web gear.


  • I’m convinced that I need at least 12 of these guys. I guess I’ll settle on the two that I do have. They get immediately promoted to officers.
    Such a simple color change and he really doesn’t need much in extra paint apps. Works fine just the way he is.
    I’m considering super gluing all of these knee pads to all of the assorted knee pad figures. Good move? Bad move? Indifferent?

    • I super glue all the kneepads in because they move around too much otherwise.

      I’m swapping out the head to use him as Blackout too, it’s a perfect stand-in with a visible face to be anyone else.

  • I also have 2 and, thanks to inspiration from Sideshow, I have bought sniper rifles from Marauder Inc. and these guys are my Sniper Corps.

  • Supposedly the variant has a more Marvel Comics-based color scheme, to blend in with the Legions pack Cobra Trooper.

  • The black and silver works for me as a higher echelon sort of Cobra Trooper or Officer. These guys would make for killer army builders if you can find ’em. Still looking for a Dollar Store or its equivalent in my area.

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