Cobra Commander (2008 SDCC Exclusive)

Hey, looks like old rag head is running for President or hosting his own late night talk show. This suited Cobra Commander was released as a San Diego Comicon exclusive in 2008. Like other recent SDCC exclusives, there were two versions available. The black version was produced in higher numbers than the blue jacketed “Springfield Country Club” version. Both are based on a mold from Hasbro’s Indiana Jones series, the unreleased Toht (who incidentally was just released as an SDCC exclusive in 2011). As such, the figure is a bit less articulated than the current Joe style. The head sculpt is all new, and is meant to represent an early version of the Commander,  a time when Cobra was in its early stages. This definitely looks like he’s just a man starting out on his own personal crusade, taking his message to the streets. The included podium also looks less impressive than one would later come to expect, and is a basic podium with microphone and a simple cobra banner attached. It’s an interestingly different concept, seeing a character in his formative years. I wouldn’t mind Hasbro doing this kind of flashback figure for others, in both the Cobra and Joe factions.


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