Clyde “Gnaw” Hyde (2011)

Gnawgahyde is a character who I always found annoying. I suppose there were several reasons why: his background (a poacher, really?)  the figure’s design and his portrayal in the DIC animated series. In the Operation Dragonfire mini-series, he was a doofus, and played way too big of a role in Cobra’s plans. Finally there’s the name itself: naugahyde is fake leather, folks. Annoying.

This new figure, released as part of the BigBadToyStore exclusive Dreadnok battle pack, tones down the outlandishness of the original and presents the character as eccentric, yet still believable. I hate to tear down the original Gnawgahyde figure, but in hindsight the design and sculpt look more like a villain out of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles than GI Joe.

Like the other figures in the set, the body here is a kitbash of recent molds. Where it shines, is again in the creative use of accessories and weaponry. I absolutely love his jacket and hat. They harken back to the hunter aspects of the character without being cartoonish. The same goes for the new head sculpt’s expression and facial hair. The old Gnawgahyde looks like a constipated 19th century big game hunter.

So this new figure has successfully brought me a Gnawgahyde that I don’t find annoying. In fact, I think he’s one of the best in the set. The only things I miss are his wrist-mounted machete and his wild boar.

Clyde “Gnaw” Hyde (you know he’s really Gnawgahyde of course) is available along with six other figures in the Dreadnok battle pack at BigBadToyStore. A GI Joe set, Slaughters’ Marauders, is also available.


  • I’m in total agreement on every point you made.

  • Can’t go wrong with the hat, Clyde is like the Anti-Recondo! I always thought he looked more like a bounty hunter than a Dreadnok. Never cared for his portrayal in the cartoon, but the figure had a lot of potential. Wish they had included his machete, as that was one of the neatest touches. By the time Gnawgahyde appeared, the whole Dreadnok angle had run its course in the vintage line, so he’s easy to overlook. But he’s still a great figure that holds up even better in an updated version.

  • Jonah Hardenbrook

    I have to disagree with you about the original. Gnawgahyde is my favorite of the Dreadnoks, and I always liked the original figure. The pissed off look, the Kraven isnpired vest, massive rifle, removable knife on the shin, and wrist mounted machete packed a lot of play and character into a little toy.

  • I love Gnawgahyde versin 1, his facesculpt, hat, knives and his pet.
    The paint job on the rifle of this new Gnawgahyde is excellent.

  • That rifle is a pop gun compared to his old .50 caliber sniper rifle.

    But looks like an okay update given the limitations they worked with.

  • Can’t go wrong with the original Gnawgahyde as far as I’m concerned! That was one of my most played with figures in the late 80s. I thought his boar was the second best animal sidekick to Snake Eyes’ wolf and the cool accessories like the hat, the knife in the boot, the rifle with the bipod, and the machete that fit around his wrist were just too cool to me.

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