Mirage (Lanard CORPS!)

So is this another instance of Hasbro losing the trademark to a previously used toy character name? Mirage has been the moniker of both an Autobot and a GI Joe. Now it’s also the name of a Lanard CORPS! agent. I wasn’t initially impressed by the revised construction of these figures. Like their 80s predecessors, they aped what was going

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Mutt (1989)

Mutt and Junkyard were favorites of mine back in 1984. With a host of great accessories, a cool uniform and an animal companion, the figure got a lot of play in my Joe adventures. I was surprised to see, upon returning to GI Joe collecting in the early 90s, that Mutt had another release. I was also surprised to catch

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Missile Emplacement (Geewunner.com)

The battlefield accessories concept of the Real American Hero era was a brilliant little example of Hasbro’s marketing its revamped GI Joe line in new and interesting ways. The small size and small price point items really recalled the diorama-like accessories of the 60s as well as the small action packs of the 70s. For just a bit of money,

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