Captivating Cover: Mountain Attack!

mountain attackWelcome again as I take a look at a GI Joe book and judge it solely by its cover. Why? Because it’s fun, that’s why. This time, the subject is a Marvel coloring book, entitled Mountain Attack! It looks to be action packed, maybe even in the vein of the opening of a Bond film.

As we see our intrepid heroes Duke (although it could be Hawk), Stalker and Scarlett skiing down a mountain, a few quick thoughts come to mind. Are we in the Carpathians, and is that Dracula’s castle in the background? I can only hope. If said castle is the objective of the team’s mission, they’ve blown their cover anyway. Perhaps they’re on their way to pick up Stalker’s tundra ranger outfit and snow kayak.

And wait a minute, why is it that Duke is the only one wearing a nice, warm coat? Maybe it’s a rank thing, or the others just don’t mind. Whatever the case, I bet Duke always listened to his mom, “Now Conrad dear, if you’re ever attacking a mountain chalet being held by international terrorists, be sure to bundle up. You’ll catch your death of cold!”


  • Nice, still have mine! I guess I wasn’t much of an artist, I never colored in them.

  • LMAO at the last paragraph!!! It is probably Duke since he is wearing the mail-in sticker flag on his shoulder.

    Maybe they’re raiding Neuschwanstein Castle? (Yes, I cut and pasted that one.) Or perchance stopping Cobra from looting King Ludwig II’s crib? All I know is that Stalker’s original uniform always looked awesome, even if its camo was in the wrong environment for wearing it. Also Scarlett looks like she’s wearing a skirt there.I don’t think the artist understood that it’s a tight bodysuit.

  • Maybe the Joes are reinacting the climactic battle from O.H.M.S.S [yes, i know its one of the least liked Bond films but its the only thing this cover reminded me of]

  • @Skymate
    Maybe because it’s an Aussie Bond… 😉
    Seriously as a big Bond fan myself, I think OHMSS is very under-rated.

  • @Dekkard
    So do i.
    I gained my vast Bond knowledge by filling in the time by reading a book on the Bond film franchise during a train trip in which was held up by five hours.

  • I’m with Stalker. Man, that guy knows how to enjoy his work! If I’m skiing into battle, I wanna follow him. See how worried Duke/Hawk is looking over that rise? Not Stalker. He’s probably gonna catch some major air as he opens fire on the vampires, too. I can’t wait for the snow!

  • Cool “Darklon’s castle”!


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