Captivating Cover: Dark Horse GI Joe Issue #3

In comics, a talented artist can elevate the material on which they’re working. Such is the case with this cover from the first comic series based on the GI Joe Extreme toy line. A quick aside–the series didn’t have the word extreme in its title (though it appears twice in the tagline). Did Hasbro already have a feeling for the reception of their extreme new iteration of Joe before it hit shelves? Consider the fact that the first issue of the comic series and its associated advertising featured a silhouette rather than a fully rendered character, and it makes a fellow wonder.

For this issue’s cover, legendary artist Walt Simsonson puts his distinctive stylistic stamp on the Extreme heroes. Simonson certainly has a knack for designing superhero costumes that are elaborate yet still look good in his hands, as evidenced by his work on characters like DC’s 70s refresh of Manhunter. I think his style works well with the two characters we see on this cover, and it would have been nice to see him work on an entire issue of the series. 



  • If I ever see Simonson at a comic convention, I know two items that’ll be signed by him–my TPB of the aforementioned Manhunter story, and the legendary Thor issue featuring the last stand of Skurge the Executioner.

  • Anyone who’s sat through the cartoon knows LT Stone will be fine. That man has a rock for a brain so he’ll survive that landing

  • I had no idea there was a 90’s Dark Horse, G.I.Joe comic series- thankx for sharing! I’m going to hunt down both volumes.

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