Agent Natalie Poole (2010)

I have to say that the GI Joe line has had its share of butt-ugly female figures throughout the decades. But I’ve also said to myself, “Self, I really would like to see a butt-ugly British female Joe figure.” Well, I got my wish with the convention exclusive version of Action Man’s Natalie Poole.

Using elements of Lady Jaye, Mortal Kombat’s Sonya Blade and even the early male Joe bare upper arm, the figure is a “meh” at best. I believe the torso is new, but it’s not sculpted very well; the folds in the tank top look more like cuts. Very odd.

By the way, this wasn’t the first Agent Natalie figure to be released. She also had a counterpart in the 12 inch Action Man line of the 90’s. It was somewhat better looking, though (obviously) very Barbie-like. 


  • I was wondering who this character was. I’m not up to speed on the Action Man universe but yeah… this one clearly missed the mark. She looks more like a blonde, buffed up Lt. Ripley than Agent Poole. Nice try, but no cigar to be found here.

  • Wow! She looks like she’s the ugly sister of that muscle-bound female scientist in that movie R.O.T.O.R!

  • I don’t think Agent Poole was meant to be this butch looking. This is more like an alternate universe version of Natalie.

  • Using the Sonya Blade head was lazy. It seems it was shrunked down, which is stranger still…all that trouble, just make something new.

    I heard that the torso was originally to be used for another comic pack Daina that was cancelled.

  • This is an example of when catering to collectors goes wrong. This might be one of the worst figures ever.

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