A New Look for JAD!

It’s been a while since I’ve refreshed things around here, and I thought I’d do a little WordPress spring cleaning/organizing. I’m still in the process of getting things laid out just right, but all the regular material is still here. My goal is to make the loads of daily content (almost four years’ worth!) more accessible beyond clicking through page after page of old posts. I’m even working on alphabetical and release year menus. Wow!

For now, I’ve broken out a few categories, and incorporated a slider that will contain the latest couple of posts as well as featured articles and projects from the past. A lot of this stuff has been buried once a couple weeks pass, so it’s good to get it back on the front page.

If you’re looking for the classic JAD experience, just click either Blog Archive on the main menu, or the Latest Posts bar. Both will take you straight to the blog feed.

Stick around, and excuse the dust, as I’ll probably move the couch around a few more times before I’m satisfied.



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