80s Toys + Sleeping Bags = Win

Was 1985 the greatest year of the 80s for action figures? Consider the volume and variety of lines launched that year, and think of the strong showings by existing series like GI Joe and Transformers. This page from the 1985 Sears Christmas catalog distills much of what made the decade great for action figures, albeit in the sleeping bag format. Okay, except for Golden Girl.

I don’t recall seeing this GI Joe item when I was a kid; I usually spotted the earlier versions. This one would have been a hit with me, as it’s sporting three of my all-time faves: Flint, Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes. You also can’t go wrong with the Joe logo hewn in stone. Nighty night!



  • ”Dream sweet G.I.Joe dreams.”

  • Golden Girl. Now theres an obscure toy line

  • Dreadnok: Spirit

    Storm Shadow posing with the rest of the guys makes him look like a part of the team. It’d be cool to show up at the gym with that Super Powers bag. And as a fan of Masters of the Universe, the Golden Girl toys look like fun.

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