1995 Toy Fair Catalog – Sgt. Savage Vehicles

Though I was disappointed about the Real American Hero line ending in 1994, I was excited by some of the vehicles coming in the new Sgt. Savage line. The P-40 Warhawk still impresses me, and this catalog page shows off the vehicles in nice detail. Gotta love that golden hour (or is it nuclear holocaust) of the background. It’s certainly better in terms of showing off the product than some of the later 90s figure lineup catalogs.



  • Desperate times called for desperate measures in 1995. Big Lots and KB Toys Liquidators were stacked to the ceiling with Sgt. Savage vehicles and figures. And, with options for standard Joes starting to diminish, I eventually caved in and bought the P-40 and the Iron Panther. Both are decent designs. But, the larger figures rendered the vehicles relatively useless for classic Joes. It was so frustrating to see these things sitting around and never selling while the few times overstock ARAH stuff showed up, it would sell out in a very short window.

    Also, the Warhawk is a MUCH brighter green than the catalog shows.

  • I remember discovering Sergeant Savage when i went with my Dad to Glenrowin [thats where a man who dressed as Baron Iroblood had a shootout with the police] When i bought the POTF2 Speeder bike and noticed the Sergeant Savage stuff in the mini catalouge. My Dad got really interested in Sergeant Savage and for once he was the one who went looking for Joe toys in shops we visited. We never found any though as Sergeant Savage wasnt released down here.

  • This is a very appealing presentation. I’m just confused by the product. The WWII throwback is interesting but not mainstream (not even in 1994), and who decided they needed a larger figure scale? Weren’t other toylines still making 3 3/4″ figures?

  • One of Thomas Wheeler’s early customs was a pilot for the P-40 Warhawk named Barnstormer, using a Battle Corps Muskrat head atop a Street Fighter Paratrooper Guile body (the variant without the brown on the legs). Pretty inventive.

  • That is one of the things I wondered about this line… There’s nothing that kids like better than World War II imagery!

  • My favorite toy line growing up! Sgt savage and his screaming eagles used to have intense battles with my Jurassic Park dinos! Now as an adult i find myself wishing i had hung on to these for my kids.

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