Rumbler (1987)

Here’s one for all you fans of figure recipes. Let’s see who went into making Rumblerstein. Footloose gave his head, Crankcase loaned his helmet. Heavy Metal bestowed his arms, torso, and weapon, and Bazooka provided his waist and legs. Wow. This patchwork figure begs the question: was the R/C Crossfire a rush job, or was the figure a last minute

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Spirit (1992)

As much as I appreciate and enjoy the figures from early in the Real American Hero period, some of those older figures don’t quite fit in when displayed alongside some later releases. As the line went on, sculpting styles, proportions and color palettes evolved. I like to think of it as a natural progression, much like changes in fashion. You

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Frostbite (2005)

Last weekend, I spent some time organizing and sorting my 2002-2006 figures. When I was buying these figures new, I wasn’t bothering to put accessories in little baggies, but rather throwing both figure and gear into plastic tubs. Not a big deal, unless you’ve decided to write a blog and take photos of figures. If you collected the era, you

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