Zartan (2004)

We’re going back back back with a deep cut today. It’s a figure that dates as one of the earliest entries of the blog, back in the year 2011. Seems like a lifetime ago. I think he’s crazy enough to warrant another look.

My feelings about this figure haven’t changed much since I last pulled him from a baggie inside a storage bin. Yes, this Zartan isn’t permanently on display within my collection. Imagine that. He probably should be, since for me he embodies the new sculpt era pretty well. A reimagined design bordering on a superhero aesthetic, this is Zartan as sci-fi punk. I’d love to see a custom interpretation of this design in the modern construction style. Say, has Oreobuilder tackled this yet?


  • Barring wonky proportions and construction, the New Sculpt era did give a few characters new looks while referencing their earlier incarnations. I think Zartan and the Dreadnoks (and maybe turtleneck Destro) are fresh compared to all the varieties of their v1 figures.

  • Yeah, they tried new looks for some characters. This one doesn’t work for me. (That giant belt lol!) Maybe as a new character, Zartan’s hockey loving son…Zamboni!!

    • James From Miami

      Zartan’s son? Did you got that idea from my comment on the 2005 Spirit Iron-Knife article? Anyway, just joking, you’re right, this figure could, and should, have been released as Zartan’s son. But instead, the Hasbro folks(or perhaps someone else) decided years later, that Zartan should have had a daughter, instead of a son(what the heck?). And yeah, you’re right about that belt. The belt buckle on it, it is sort of okay with me, but, the thickness of that belt, it’s just freaking awful. And the colors on this figure could have been done much better. It looks almost like an Iron Grenadier figure, for crying out loud.

      • A Devil’s Due comic book writer created Zanya back when that company had the license. She was close to getting a figure in “new sculpt” era, as concept art exists for her (as well as Roadpig, Buzzer and others).

        • James From Miami

          Thank you very much for that information. I would have preferred if they had made an o-ring version of Zanya, whether it had been made as a new sculpt era figure, or as a figure that would have been made up of the classic o-ring body parts, perhaps using the 86 Zarana torso painted in black, and a new head. As for a Zartan’s son figure, maybe it can still be made, but, only if enough fans want it to be made.

  • Its crazy because his logo has his hood but he’s not wearing it.

  • What Snake Eyes Said (...)

    I kinda see Johnny Depp in his face, maybe he’s undercover in 21 jump street?

  • Bluetooth headphones around his neck.

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