Zap (2009)

Some Joe fans seem to have a fascination with seeing the original thirteen Joe team figures done in the style of the day. I count myself as one of them. As crazy as it sounds, I must admit I would loved to have seen a 1993 interpretation of Grand Slam. Sadly, it was not to be. As the vintage line wore on into the 90’s, some of the originals saw updates, while others were left forever stuck in 1982-83.

Zap was fortunate to get a remake in the 90’s, as a member of the Sonic Fighters sub-team. When the 25th anniversary series rolled out, Zap was one of the guys who was left out of the single carded treatment. That was later rectified with the release of the Assault on Cobra Island set.

I’m glad that Hasbro took the time to do old Zap right, especially with an excellent new head, great web gear and accurate weapons (that he can actually hold!)

What I really like about the figure however is the use of the same lower legs that were present on Clutch, Steeler and Short-Fuze. They’re unlike the jungle boot style that Joes like Snake Eyes, Stalker and Breaker had in the 25th anniversary line, and more closely resemble the boots seen on the ’82-83 figures and in the early comics.


  • I want a modern style update of Super Sonic Zap using this Zap head on an bulky armored body. I loved all that silver advance looking battlfield outfir… Enough with the plain green fatigues.

  • He has two pistol’s holsters too!

  • Oh, yeah. One of the best reinventions from the 1982 line that started it all. I love the thirteen founders and this version of Zap is a perfect update of the original. They even got his pencil-thin mustache right. In fact, those two Cobra Island seven-packs are my favorite 25th Anniversary offerings as they covered a LOT of ground before switching over to the ROC stuff.

  • Of all the 25th offerings I think this figure was one of the absolute best. Since it was right at the end of that run, this has some of the best tooling and sculpting of almost any of the others. It is also a near perfect tribute to the original.

    I had originally bought a 2nd one for custom uses, but just couldn’t bring myself to take any of even a duplicate apart. I think that really says something about how well done a figure this is.

  • I love that Errol Flynn head sculpt. He looks so awesome.

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