Wild Weasel (2008)

Wild Weasel (2008)

If there’s one improvement that made me really take notice during the 25th anniversary line’s lifetime, it’s removable equipment. Yes, the 80s and 90s figures came along with many a helmet and backpack, but the modern line incorporated even more headwear and gear that could be donned and doffed as needed.

Wild Weasel, part of a comic two-pack alongside fellow fighter jockey Ace, as well as the Target exclusive Rattler, features one of the tiniest bits of removable equipment since the miniature mics of the 1980s. Rather than an entire helmet that could come off, the figure’s visor simply pops out. The attachment is actually quite secure, and the end result is a mysteriously masked face that brings to mind the classic Eels figure. Just seeing the eyes leaves a lot to the imagination, and I think the character is better for it. Sometimes it’s better to not see the face behind the mask, and I’m glad Wild Weasel remained partially hidden.

As for the rest of the figure, it’s a serviceable reworking of previously used parts, mostly originating from Snow Job. The borrowed uniform bits actually work very well for a flight suit, as the cold weather bulk lends itself well to the all-over look of a g-suit.

Newly created plug-in items like the uniquely decorated Cobra holster help add a little more detail to the figure. Nothing too fancy here, just a solid interpretation of a classic figure, with the added benefits of a more intricate modern styling.

Wild Weasel (2008)

Wild Weasel (2008)



  • I once saw a minor mod done where the lower arms were swapped with those of a ROC Air-Viper–the one packed with a redone 1987 Cobra jet pack–and it was a nice improvement.

  • The past few years, i’ve often wondered why he has a map of Tasmania on his leg. Whats he going to do to Tasmania? Either visit my namesake or raid the chocolate factory!?!

  • It’s ironic that the vintage Wild Weasel’s head is too big and the 25th’s is way too small.

  • I’ve always been a Wild Weasel fan. As a kid, I got the Rattler right around the same time I read the issue where Wild Weasel and Ace have their showdown. Great comic, great jet, great action figure. I loved the red flight suit, I loved his sculpt, and I loved that as far as I know, they’ve never shown his face. His file card really made him a cool character.
    I think this 25th figure is a good enough update. There is something that his original helmet sculpt had that is missing in this more angular, smaller version, though. I wish this new helmet were more like the old one, even if that one is less “real-world.”
    I think the repurposed body works great as his flight suit, and it looks better in red than white. Always loved those rubber snowboots, too. I think his belt is one of the best in the line. Cool that he came with that giant pistol, only wish the knife was also removable.

  • MIght be right about not seeing his face. I didn’t care for the reveal that Scrap-Iron is blind in one eye, since he did appear helmetless in the Marvel comic with two normal eyes and there were already 4 or more Cobras with such an injury.

  • Great legendary Cobra pilot figure!

  • Without his visor he looks like he did in a Herb Trimpe Special Missions or regular Marvel run issue if I recall as he was drawn with the visor up…I loved how the filecard mentioned he’d had an injury to his jaw with led to a ‘characteristic sibilance’ to his speech…’sibilance’, I learnt fanciful words like that from the comics and filecards I read as a kid…Palitoy used the Wild Weasel mould back in the 80s as was, without any real changes as the new version of Red Wolf for the Roboskull….

  • This version may have a small head, but its not that bad. Still a great figure.

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