Wild Bill (2003)

There were a few figures in the relaunched o-ring era that hold up well when compared to their Real American Hero predecessors. Wild Bill’s initial figure release was one of my favorite Spy Troops molds. With an updated uniform design not too heavy on the cowboy aesthetic, more naturalistic proportions, and a removable hat, he was a welcome follow-up to the classic air cav Texan. I still think he stands as one of the best figures of the era, along with figures like the revamped (no pun intended) Clutch and Recondo,

Originally appearing as the pilot of the interestingly designed yet mundane Missile Storm Copter, the same Wild Bill figure (with a cav style hat in place of a helmet) later accompanied the Night Force Grizzly tank. Picturing Bill as a tank driver is more than a little odd, and he seems downright out of place in the role. However, the Night Force moniker fits the figure’s paint scheme, and he stands alongside a fair number of other early 2000s Joes who unexpectedly fleshed out the fan favorite subdued sub-team.


  • This is actually his second new sculpt figure–the first was in a2002 two-pack with an o-ring Neo-Viper.

  • I have the version that came in a two pack with Roadblock. Does anyone else think he looks like a mythbuster?

  • I had another repaint, but except for the smaller head size, I didn’t mind this “new sculpt” figure as much as some.
    I think each “theme” series of figures introduced a new form in these years, this Wild Bill being a solid “GvC” return to o-ring form style. (Spytroops really stood out as longer legged to me….)

    Looking back now, this was a good figure in my mind. Obviously I gave a pair of pistols at any opportunity.

    The missile storm/ Fang III series of copters were designed too low on the age range for me, though.

    Those overly obvious snake designs worked into some of these years vehicles, as well as the multiple reuses and “faction” uses reminded of Masters of the Universe from the 1980’s. (think Stridor and Night Stalker; exact same mechanical horses with different colors for each team…..)

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