Whispering Willie (1996 Corps!)

When the original o-ring GI Joe line ended in 1994, Lanard’s me-too series The Corps! (don’t forget the exclamation point) rolled on. Many if its 1986 molds continued to be produced in varying excitingly horrid hues and odd camo patterns, but there were a few new mold additions.

Whispering Willie is one of those original Corps! characters to get a 90’s refresher. His first release, obviously based on the Road Warrior film’s post apocalyptic look, was an interesting if oddly outfitted Dollar Store Dreadnok. He was also one of those rare boys’ toys that sported a belly shirt and short shorts. What was the design going for here? He looks like an amalgamation of the Road Warrior’s Wez and his gender ambiguous companion. Yikes.

Thankfully for his 1996 release, Willie put on a full shirt and some long pants. I must say that it does wonders for his look. I find the slick black look quite impressive. The accessories are repeated from the first release, including his marvel of engineering, the triple-bladed chainsaw. Since his file card states that he uses hand built weapons, I assume that he made it himself. If that was the case, and his Corps! gig didn’t work out, he could’ve made a living in R&D with Stihl or Husqvarna.


  • I hope these vintage Corps! reviews are a regular feature from now on since there isn’t much love for them out there. I got this version of Willy as part of a discounted two-pack while I worked at Kay-Bee Toys in the early 00’s. Never cared for him or Crowbar since I prefer the military stuff (The Fox is my favorite) for the most part. Still, this is a huge improvement over his pantless predecessor.

  • So, who were the bad guys in The Corps!?

    • That is one of the great mysteries of the universe. I always thought it was Willie here and Crowbar.

    • There were none per se. Not until 12-inch figures made Marauders and the current t-crotchs later made their own Marauders.

      I think Lanard was foolish not to make baddies when they did o-ring style. A lot army building collectors would’ve bought Cobra rip-offs in droves.

  • Argh! Argh! Argh!
    No G.I.JOE, no party!

  • How about that one guy in the Hazmat suit? I always liked how when you took off his helmet he looked like he could be your next-door neighbor – just some white, grinning dude with a receding hairline.

    • Gasman! Yeah LOL profile him at some point, his name is Hot Seat and Skidmark levels of stupid

      I’m a fan of Whispeing Willy.

  • NFC:


    Toxic Waster is the one Jonesy is referring to.

    Gasman is the guy in the gasmask and tank top (which is funny in its own right) whose skin changed from caucasian to african over the years.

  • Dreadnok: Spirit

    I like both versions of this figure. I can’t remember if I had either one, but I know I would’ve used this guy to fill out my Dreadnoks ranks.

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  • I love these Corps! figures. Thankx Boss!

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