• I too have tried doing video reviews but i make too many mistakes.
    Its a pity that the driver figures have reduced articulation. G.i.joe has always been about articulation.

  • I painted mine olive green because I’ve always missed out on the AWE Striker. I removed the goofy grapple so now it’s an actual cannon.

  • Nice review. The AWE Striker has been done to death but it’s a reliable design.

  • I like this version (without the cannon)!

  • Too true – articulation is their main selling point so what happened here…

  • Thanks for the review. I didn’t realize the logo was painted on the hood, but for $7-8 you can’t complain. Great redesign! Would’ve been really cool if they’d added a swappable M2 for the grapple cannon, though. I’m through whining about the 5-POA figures; stuck behind the steering wheel, it fills its purpose.

  • I’m gerting this bad boy in the mail tomorrow. I’m excited to play with it. I think I’m one of the few that actually likes having things plastered with Arashikage logos…I haven’t read a huge amount of the original comics, but the best parts of what I have read have all been revolving around the ninja mythos. My favorite GI Joe and Cobra characters are ninjas, virtually all the customs I make are ninjas, and I’m just pumped that now my ninjas can totally go off-roading while repping their clan! šŸ˜›

  • An AWE striker is great, simple rear engine 2WD buggy that gets ‘Joes where they need to go. A fun toy.

    It should never have been tagged as 4×4, in my view. The grappling hook missile string is nice as it ties in the ninja theme loosely here, to some extent, but….., kind of eh, well, not my thing.

    It kind of leaves the passengers former recoil-less cannon dashboard control just up to the imagination of the user as to what it is now. The Ninja AWE would have been better to get a dashboard gun in my view, nothing fancy, just a little machine gun.

    The front brush guard fails for me, though, and the new roll cage doesn’t add anything new for me, other than the rear deck peg pads. Which I don’t know, kind of take the place for a gunner or two to stand, but the Star Gate All Terrain cruiser had a better deck, the big seat on that frame would be great for the non-articulated figures, too.

    Overall, it’s decent, but not an improvement for me.

    Pretty neat in some ways, when you think how everyone loves the old vamp and the new vamp, and neither one has wheels that actually steer like this AWE does.

    I’ve wondered why more modern figure collectors who favor more articulation like vehicles without steering, or at least make the desire for them more vocal. Or even real rubber wheels for added detail?

    If the modern collector is okay with cost saving measures over possibly more intricate quality, would the modern collector be okay with non-rolling wheels?

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