• You’ve got one cute kid, Rob. Sharp as a tack, too. You guys need your own YouTube channel.

    Great, now I don’t have to crack my set open when BBTS sends it! Excellent work, you two. I might try and army build a few of these packs like I did with the Eaglehawk. I never had a Wolf until now and I might want multiples after watching this video.

    I would love to see Will’s reviews of the Sunbow series DVDs. He’d be a natural for the gig!

  • “Cobra wolf is vicious on ice and snow and hot on the trail of G.I.JOE”. I heard that so many times as a kid it is permanantly burned into my psyche.

    I’d willingly support my local TRU but its three hours away and the only items they have in the action figure isle are Yarna d’alga [i think thats her name] from the 2008 star wars line and row upon row of Prime Cliffjumper.

    With that said this was a great review. 🙂

  • HaHa!! Your son is too cool! I have an 8-year old daughter, I could never get her to do GIJoe reviews with me. Littlest Pet Shop yes, but boys toys no.

  • Great review Will, and thanks for letting your dad play too! G.I.Joe started as a multi generational touchstone in my house too with my dad as my chief assembler and decal-er and even though the future is uncertain I hope to pass along my passion to my son as well, This is the set I had been looking forward to the most, I have a a few vintage Wolves in various stages of completeness and really love the opportunity to pick up a couple new ones. Great review as always guys!

  • Awesome! Great job Will!

  • I’m a big fan of the (’87) Ice Viper, too. I liked the freezing-ski-missile action; sounds like something Cobra would do. And Will figured out how to wrap-up videos for you! Where’s the game section of Joe-A-Day, though? 😉

  • They really short-changed Snake Eyes with that headsculpt: the RoC Arctic Snake Eyes head is designed to fit on an extremely short neck-peg; the Paris Pursuit Snake Eyes body that the Battle Below Zero figure is build off of has a very long one.

  • I suggest that Will be asked for his thoughts on each figure that gets spotlighted from now on.

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